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Programming the T400P Transmitters

Note: the original two models T400AM and T400CW, specifically made for use in model rockets, are not programmable. They are programmed during production, with the userís current call sign.

The T400P, and T400P-MOD (module only) are user programmable with the userís call sign (or other single string of characters), and for mode, AM or CW. The T400P-SMA and T400P-BNC are also programmable. The letter "P" indicates that the particular model is programmable. Adept makes other models that are programmable, and some that are not.

Programming is accomplished by "keying" the programming pin to GND at about 12 wpm. On most of the programmable models, a small socket connector is provided. Slip a thin piece of wire into the connector so that a clip lead can be attached. Connect a second clip lead to GND at any of several points, such as on the negative side of the battery, or on the outside of the antenna connector.

Connect the programming pin clip lead to one side of a normally-open spst pushbutton switch, such as a hand key, and the other side to GND on the transmitter. Power up the transmitter, then momentarily close (dash length) the key or pushbutton switch within 10 seconds. Then immediately enter your call sign (or other single string of characters) in code at about 12 wpm.

For instance, to program a T400P-BNC, with the call sign WA4JBU, and to AM mode, key in the following string of characters. You must start within 10 seconds of powering up the transmitter.


The first dash (the T) puts the transmitter into programming mode.

To program the mode to CW, key in a dot (the letter E) after the first dash. Then key in the call sign.


The first dash (letter T) puts the transmitter into programming mode. The following dot (letter E) tells it to set the mode to CW. Be sure to key in the whole string as if it is one single word.

Programming Characteristics and Limitations

If the program keying is clean and with good spacing, the keying speed can be within the range of 6 to 18 wpm. At 12 wpm the "signal element" or dot length is 100 mS. The dash length is 300 mS. The space between elements of a letter is 100 mS, and the space between letters in a word is 300 mS. The Adept transmitters use a 200 mS decision time to determine if the input is a dot or short space, or if itís a dash or long space. If the key down input is less than 200 mS, a dot is assumed. If more than 200 mS a dash is assumed. The dash or long space can be up to two seconds. If more than two seconds, the programming routine will exit.

The code message is limited to one continuous string of up to about 15 letters depending on their lengths. The string cannot be programmed to two or more separate words. In place of a space, use a character such as a comma or the break character BT.

The programming pin socket is visible just above the battery leads where they enter the module. Insert a small wire into the small socket for connecting a clip lead.

The programming pin socket is visible.

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