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The transmitter on this page is offered as a "Fox Hunting" transmitter. Because of its added bulk and weight, it is generally used to transmit from a fixed hidden location. Our smaller and lighter "Tracking and RDF Transmitters" are generally used for tracking, and then locating, objects such as model aircraft, rockets, hobby drones, balloons, animals, and so on. If size and weight are not important, then either category will get the job done, since all the Adept transmitters have similar transmitting characteristics. Please see our Tracking and RDF Transmitters page.

All Adept Transmitters require an Amateur Radio license for legal operation. MORE INFORMATION.

The Adept T400P-6 Programmable Transmitter, pictured at the right, has a power output of 8 milliwatts, and it can be heard for more than a mile on the ground. The output frequency is 433.92 MHz. The T400P-6 is always welcome at events such as Field Day, and other events when hams and their families get together, such as the annual picnic. It is generally programmed to run in AM mode, and to identify itself with a call sign. The receiving antennas on 433.92 MHz are quite small, and are easy to handle by adults and children alike. This transmitter is also becoming quite popular at some of the larger and more organized fox hunts. This transmitter is quite rugged, and should last for many years. It can also be used as a tracking and location transmitter.

Many boy scouts have been introduced to Radio Direction Finding as they tracked the T400P-6 at their annual Jamboree On The Air, JOTA. This event is sponsored each year by various Amateur Radio clubs. This transmitter is easy to conceal in trees next to limbs, under leaves on the ground, and some hams like to bury them under sand for a real entertaining hunt. Many hams already have the necessary receiver for this deviceómost dual and triple band HTs include a wide band receiver with the ability to receive AM at 433.92 MHz. The quarter wave antenna plugs into a small socket on the top of the transmitter module. The module snaps onto a standard nine volt size battery. For a shorter hunt, up to a few hundred yards or so, a much shorter (an inch or so) antenna can be used, or the antenna can be removed completely to lower the effective power output to a very low level.

Specifications, T400P-6 Programmable Transmitter

  • Dimensions: 1.06" diameter by 0.7" thick (including connectors). Antenna measures 5.9" above the module.
  • Weight: 14 grams, excluding battery (battery supplied by user).
  • Power Output: 8 milliwatts. Use shorter antenna to reduce effective power. Remove antenna for very low effective power.
  • Antenna: 1/16" by 6" brass. Soft Plastic Tip for safety.
  • Programmable: AM mode or CW mode, plus call sign (or other string of characters) up to about 15 letters depending on their lengths.
  • Modulation: sends 50 ms carrier pulse in CW mode, and 50 ms modulated (1 kHz) pulse in AM. Pulses (beeps) are every 1.3 seconds. Identifies in Morse Code every 85 seconds.

T400P Transmitter, Instructions

Information on Programming

T400P-6 Programmable Transmitter Price: $55
Enter Call Sign, Required       06/06/18

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