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In Radio Direction Finding, at the receiving end, the signal levels can vary significantly. When the transmitter is near the receiver, the signal level is so high that the receiver's input circuits are overdriven. For direction finding to be effective, a receiver's circuits must be kept within normal operating levels. Strong signals must be attenuated before they enter the receiver's front end. Some receivers have a built-in attenuator function. It may have just one selectable level (usually about 10 or 20 dB), or it may have several levels. If the receiver does not have several attenuator levels built in, and most don't, you'll almost surely need an external attenuator to further cut down the signal at close range.
Active Offset Attenuator

If a receiver's input signal is too strong, the front end circuitry will be overloaded, and a significant amount of signal gets into the receiver through its unshielded plastic case. The signal strength appears to be the same from all directions. An Offset Attenuator can solve these problems.

The Adept Offset Attenuator includes a 4 MHz local oscillator with a sine wave output voltage, adjustable from near zero to maximum. This signal is mixed with the input signal using a simple diode mixer. Two new frequencies are created, the input signal plus 4 MHz, and minus 4 MHz. Adjusting the level of the oscillator will also adjust the levels of the new frequencies. The receiver is tuned to one of the new frequencies, which allows the receiver's input signal strength to be adjustable from full strength to near zero. This emulates an attenuation function. The original input signal stays the same, but it is 4 MHz away from the receiver's input frequency, and virtually none of the signal that penetrates the unshielded plastic case can have any effect. For more information see the Instructions and Data Sheet.

Model: AOA1


Active Offset Attenuator     BNC Male, BNC Female.

Ready to Use with CR2032 Lithium Battery Installed.


$ 49.00

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