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Hand Held Directional Antennas


Adept Instruments carries a few of the antennas produced by Arrow Antenna. For more information, and for many more antenna options, please check out their website at

The ANT440-3 is a small 3-element Yagi beam antenna. The ANT440-7BP offers more gain (sensitivity), and a sharper directional pattern. However, the ANT440-3 still works quite well. The ANT440-7BP (Back Pack) antenna breaks apart in the middle of the boom for easy carrying when broken down. Each antenna disassembles into a small bundle for carrying. These antennas have a 3/4 inch square aluminum boom, and the elements are Easton Aluminum Arrow Shafts. A pre-tuned Gamma Match is used for impedance matching, and for transmitting they are rated to 20 Watts. The coax cable connector is BNC only.

ANT440-3 and ANT440-7BP

The ANT440-3 is quite small, light weight, and easy to maneuver. Most trackers and fox hunters find this small antenna to be sufficient.

The ANT440-7BP offers a sharper beam width, and more gain for when the signal is very weak at the beginning of the hunt.

These antennas are used to track the Adept 433.92 MHz T400 transmitters, or any other transmitter on the 420-450 MHz 70 centimeter ham band.







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