Adept Instruments - AOA1 Versions
  Partial Kit Model: AOA1-PK1

Same as the AOA1 fully featured unit, but without the case and connectors. Install in your own case. Use your own connectors, or attach the input and output coaxes directly. The battery, the hardware for the potentiometer, and the knob are included.

Price: $29.95

  Partial Kit Model: AOA1-PK2

Same as the AOA1-PK1 above, without case and connectors, but also without the battery holder and battery. The user must supply the 3 volt battery source, the case, etc. This version has a smaller circuit board that can be installed in a smaller case. The hardware for the potentiometer, and the knob are included.

Price: $24.95

Active Offset Attenuator, Shielded

Model: AOA1-S

This version of the AOA1 is actually an AOA1-PK1 with input and output BNC connectors mounted in an aluminum mini box. We only offer it as a fully assembled and tested product. Battery included.

Price: $54.00

Most hand held receivers and handy talkies have an SMA antenna connector. This adapter allows a BNC cable or attenuator to be connected to the receiver.

SMA Male to BNC Female Adapter Connector

SMABNC              Price: $4.95

This adapter may be required in special cases. It is offered here in case there is a need to attach the receiver's SMA antenna atop the attenuator, for instance, to use the "body fading" technique for RDF.

BNC Male to SMA Female Adapter Connector

BNCSMA              Price: $5.49       1/2/16

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